hello and welcome

“I didn’t realize you wrote such bloody awful poetry”

Welcome, and thank you for participating. I have worked and slaved many hours over these few words.  This page works and exists in parallel to @kylehowepoetry on Instagram. Here the final products are displayed in their literary and poetic form rather than as visuals, as a result, some poems may have slight fine tuning differences to their Instagram counterparts. Not everything I write ends up here, these are edited and circulated as I intend for them to be presented to a critical audience.





“For The Actress on the Screen”

I’m obsessed with the way she walks from frame to frame

My imaginary partner, she lives in my fantasy I can feel her by my side.

Somebody I’ve never met.

From beautiful head to beautiful toes

I cannot deny it and sleep with good conscious!

My exiled heart

skips a beat

“For The Actress on the Screen”

“A Story of Children”

there’s a friendship between us
it has grown
to be a living habit
a labor of love of sorts
it’s muffled mouth still speaks

a harvest of youth that bears no fruits
but sluggishness

a path between flowers
that has overgrown
hiding our past so that we forget our way home
and I’ve have walked too far

so we wander through
each other’s bodies
until we must part
to find our way back together

only to say
there you are,
out, out.

my love!

“A Story of Children”